The National Drug and Alcohol Awards

The National Drug and Alcohol Awards is an initiative designed to recognize and appreciate the efforts of many people. These people are contributing their best in different ways towards eradicating drugs and alcohol abuse in Australia.

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The issue of drug and alcohol abuse in Australia

The issue of drug and alcohol abuse in Australia is a critical one and calls for national concern. That is why we exist to give it the needed attention from all areas.

We ensure we do this in different ways. On this website, you will find the ways we do this below.

Alcohol & Drug Education

All the world over, alcohol and drug consumption pose a threat to citizens’ health when not regulated. However, many regulation attempts have proven abortive and curtailing excessive consumption of these substances, a losing battle. The excessive and mindless consumption of alcohol and drugs among Australians is fueled by ignorance. Many who use these substances are unaware of their negative effect on their health. Hence, their continued use of it.

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How We Do

Honor Roll

The Australian government is steadfastly committed to ending the menace of drug abuse and alcohol consumption. In the quest of achieving this, it has set aside awards and honours for individuals who have laboured tirelessly to eradicate the ills in the Australian community. Among the various rewards and honours given to these individuals is the honour roll. It is the most prominent and reputable award in this field.

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Prevention and community education

The immediate environment of man is now vulnerable to various unhealthy practices that threaten its safety and wellbeing. This threat has given rise to social and cultural unrest in our society. Among these, harmful practices are substance and drug abuse. Drug and alcohol use and misuse are more rampant among young individuals and older people.

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Excellence in Research

Drug and alcohol use and abuse remain one of the most rampant ills in our society today. These ills are evident in every part of the world. The Australian community has also experienced this menace among its students and the general populace. Hence, numerous researches have been carried out to reduce and prevent them.

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Excellence in Law

The increase in the rate of alcohol and drug consumption is quite disturbing. It is a global menace many nations have a hard time overcoming. If not for excellent law interventions in Australia, this issue would have probably gone out of hand.

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Our Members

Ensuring the reduction and subsequent eradication of drugs in Australia is a task requiring collective efforts. Recognizing this, we have ensured that we work for hands in gloves with some fantastic people in Australia.

These set of people consistently do their best to ensure that the aim and objectives of the organization are met and fulfilled. They interact with stakeholders and the people of Australia to carve out ways to tackle drugs and alcohol in Australia.

Our members are a set of people who are actively motivated to vehemently ensure that abuse of drugs is a thing of the past in Australia.

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Our Partners

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